Party Peels

Discover the marvels of Enzyme Skin Peels for unveiling radiant and rejuvenated skin. In the realm of skincare, seeking instantly effective treatments that can unveil radiant and rejuvenated skin is always a priority. One treatment that has gained significant attention in recent years is the enzyme skin peels. Blending science and nature, these remarkable peels offer a gentle yet powerful way to revitalise your complexion and restore your skins natural glow. There is no “after peel” from this treatment, making it perfect for a night out or a big weekend.

Party Peels Treatment Price

Party Peel $65 (30 minutes).
To provide faster and more effective results you can add an Alginate Mask for an extra $10 (45 minutes).

After Party Peel

We all enjoy a night of partying and socialising with friends, but often, we neglect our skincare routine in the process. Late nights, alcohol consumption, and lack of sleep can take a toll on our skin, leaving it dull, tired, and prone to breakouts. However, fear not! There's a simple and effective solution to revive your skin and restore its natural glow - a fruit acid and enzyme peel. After a night of partying hard and neglecting your skin, a fruit acid and enzyme peel can be a remarkable ally in bringing your skin back to life. The powerful yet gentle exfoliating action of these peels helps unclog pores, brighten the complexion, and minimize the signs of fatigue. So, don't let a few nights of revelry take a toll on your skin - give it the TLC it deserves with a revitalising fruit acid and enzyme peel. Note: your skin is instantly ready for your next social engagement as there is no “after peel” from this treatment

After Party Peel Treatment Price

Party Peels $90 (45 minutes).

Progressive Peel

Beyond superficial results, the peels work at a deeper level to optimise cellular function. By initiating controlled skin damage, these peels trigger the skin's natural healing response, stimulating collagen production and boosting cell turnover. As a result, the skin becomes stronger, firmer, and more resilient, allowing for optimal cellular function and overall skin health. One of the greatest advantages of medical grade peels is their versatility. We can customise the treatment based on your unique skin type, concerns, and desired outcomes. With a variety of peels available, ranging from gentle to more aggressive formulations, a tailored approach of 6 treatments ensures that your skin receives the appropriate treatment for optimal results without causing undue irritation. Regular treatments allow us to increase the peel strength each time. The journey takes you from Enzymes to Vitamins A, B3, AHA, Vitamin C, Peptides, Lactic Acid and BHA’s. These multi layered peels can minimise the appearance mild scaring, some sunspots, and superficial wrinkles, while also enhancing skin elasticity and tone.

Progressive Peel Treatment Price

$80-$108 depending on how many layers of peels are applied (45 mintues).
To provide faster and more effective result you can add an Alginate Mask for an extra $10. 1 hour.

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