Treatment Options in Newcastle

Diathermy is the use of an electrically induced high frequency current that produces heat. It is the cauterization by that heat current of the capillaries on the face and chest which are in the epidermal layers. There can be many causes of the damaged capillaries -

  • Sun exposure
  • Harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing
  • Alcohol

In some cases, the fine skin texture and couperose may be an inherited factor.

What does Diathermy do Cosmetically?

It is mainly used to treat broken capillaries and skin tags. Some broken capillaries are best suited for laser whilst the smaller ones need Diathermy.

What is the process of Diathermy?

The technician will use a thin probe to puncture the capillary that is being treated. The electrical current will then cauterize the capillary. The capillaries will then dry up and are no longer visible. If there is a severe amount of broken capillaries a couple of treatments may be needed or Laser may be the preferred treatment.

Diathermy Treatment Price

Small areas of capillaries (10 minutes) $35
Large areas of capillaries (20 minutes) $60

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