Skin Refining Treatment (with AHA's)

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Are you looking for

something* new…

something* easy to have done with no down time...

something* to make you fall in love with the instant amazing results...

then you need to know about this!

It’s hard to believe but in just 45 minutes you can feel and see the effect of your new skin.

This (salon only) treatment is another fabulous Germany innovation that gives you an instant result. It helps correct and prevent premature ageing, lines, wrinkles, blemishes, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and dehydration. The skin becomes instantly softer, smoother, fresh and glowing.

This treatment includes a combination of AHA’s (which essentially originate from food) glycolic acid from sugar cane, lactic acid from sour milk and citric acid from citrus fruits, which means they are perfectly safe.

The combination of these 3 acids is well known in skincare industry and has a great deal of scientific data to support their effectiveness.

  • they penetrate the skin to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin
  • help new skin growth while gently dissolving dead skin cells

There is no down time or discomfort with the Skin Refining Treatment and your skin will be stunning when your treatment is complete. An ideal program would be to have this treatment monthly but remember it is perfect for a special night when you want to look amazing or for weekend away. Make up can be worn immediately after if desired.

It takes approx 45 minutes and you are welcome to add a brow wax, lash tint and/or brow tint to the treatment.

Book your Skin Refining Treatment now on 49 424 123  Cost $70

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